Sweating for the Wedding

This is the place I will post my gym’s daily WODs and any other workout routine that I do.  I have to warn you though…these will not be at all conventional or regular.  I am just trying to help a fellow soon-to-be-bride out OR anyone else trying to get in shape.  The only downfall here is that at my CrossFit gym, I have many, many pieces of workout equipment at my disposal.  At home I also have more than a normal person would have in the ways of gym and workout equipment.

At home I have:

Dip station, 8 lb Ugi ball, Ultimate Sandbag (either the Core or Power pgk – in pink of course!), 3 lb & 5 lb hand weights, yoga mat, yoga ball, weighted jump rope (I am unsure how much weight are in the handles – I would like to guesstimate 3 lbs – 4 lbs in each handle), and a Gymboss Interval Timer.

At my gym I have:

Kettlebells, dumbells, barbells with assorted weights, gym rings, row machine, pull-up bar, climb rope, speed jump rope, combat rope (thick jump rope), weighted wall balls, huge monster truck tires, hammers, ab mat, plyometric boxes, and prowlers.  There may be more that I am missing, but these pieces of equipment I have worked with personally (you see…I am working off memory here!).

If anyone is interested I will go as far as what kind of shoes I wear when I workout and/or run, what workout clothes I prefer, etc.

Spock would WOD

Spock would WOD

Live long and WOD my friends 🙂


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