Boston Dog Is Cute And So Are These Ducks


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Here are some cute things to tide you over until I learn how to manage my time more efficiently. By that I mean when I actually HAVE time in my hectic life right now :). Don’t worry, I’ll tell you all about it soon enough.

Oh right, cute stuff…


Boston likes to sleep in our clothes we leave on the floor. He has a doggie bed with a nice big comfortable blanket, but he likes to “nest” in pants or sweatshirts that we happen to leave somewhere in our room…on the floor. It’s cute.


And then there are ducks! HOLY CRAP DUCKS!!!!


Here they come!

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Cape Cod Is Awesome (and family is too)


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I don’t quite know where I left off during my last post but I did remember that I had a few more pictures to share with you. I was visiting my family on Cape Cod and tried to take some decent pictures on my trip. If I get a good one I will make it a black and white photo and hang it on my wall in my living room. I have a bunch of photos hanging all over my wall. It’s pretty. I’ll have to take a picture it sometime 🙂

Anyway…I love my mom’s house and wish that I could pack it up and stash it in my back pocket. It smells of cinnamon and it is always warm and cozy, no matter how cold the weather gets outside (which is was the weekend I was there). I took some pictures of a hutch filled with old salt an pepper shakers that belonged to my great grandma. I don’t know if there are shakers that are older than that, I doubt it.



I like the owls the best!

It was nostalgic because the hutch actually still smells like my great grandparents’ house. No, it doesn’t smell like old people and moth balls. I can’t really describe the smell. It’s not bad. It’s comforting and warm smelling. It’s my great grandma, shuffling along in her pink slippers. It’s my great grandpa’s cherry pie cooling on the windowsill. It’s all of those things wrapped into one. Just like the things that have resided in my mom’s house are forever embedded in a thick layer of cinnamon, my great grandparents’ hutch, with all those old salt and pepper shakers, are forever embedded in what made their home a home.

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Traveling Really Is Tiring!


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There is absolutely no excuse for me to not have posted at least a tidbit about my journey home. I had a really great time and I would love to show you some pictures!


That’s me, my mom, and my little sister. When I got in to Providence after my somewhat decent flight (I mean I had an entire row all to myself but the men behind me were less than inappropriate) I picked up the rental car and drove straight to get my mom and we went out for tea! I hadn’t even really had time to drop my bags off at my mom’s house and we were out the door heading for the Tea Shoppe. My sister met us there. She drove down from her apartment in Quincy. It was a really nice afternoon. After tea, we walked around the little outdoor shopping area. We went into one of the stores that sells our favorite bracelets, Alex and Ani. I bought one for my mom (I got one too, hehe). It was my mom’s birthday on May 1st. I brought her card with me on the plane but I really couldn’t fit too much else on my carry-on luggage. I decided that I would just get her something up there.

All week was filled with pretty much the same types of things. I got to hang out with my family and do girly things like finalize my wedding cake order…


…and take pictures of pretty things…



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Flight To My Homeland


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So I am on my flight from Orlando to Providence and because the aircraft has wifi I am able to write and upload this….yay! In light of this excitement I will tell you about my tiff with some TSA agents. Let me first start by telling you that I have never had a bad experience with the TSA or any security agent for that matter. This morning was shaping up to be like any other flight I have taken in the past (with the exception that I had successfully only packed a carry-on bag). I was ushered into the security line like the rest of the cattle, placed my sneakers and sweatshirt into the plastic bins, and hoisted my two carry-on bags up to the metal table. I stood patiently in line to go through the cancer machine x-ray back-scatter machine. I quickly remembered that my Cape Cod bracelet, if not unscrewed, will set the metal detector off.


I undid the clasp but upon fumbling with my armful of bracelets, the nearby TSA agent smugly informed me that I would set them off. I kindly smiled at her and told her, to the contrary, that I had gone through many times and that by simply unscrewing that one bracelet, I would not set them off. She gave me an unconvinced sneer. She said it didn’t matter anyway as I was going through the back-scatter machine.

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Waiting in Line (Queue)


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This should be a ‘Grinds My Gears’ post but I’m trying to stay on the positive side of things OH WHO AM I KIDDING?!  This is totally a ‘Grinds My Gears’!

(On a completely unrelated related side-note, I do not take credit for the gem that Family Guy blessed us with or the topic of today’s blog post.  I heard about this on the radio but couldn’t call in to voice my opinion on the matter.  I shall voice it here…shakes fist at sky…)

I. Hate. Waiting. In. Line.  There I said it.  I hate it.  Disney World is not a happy place when you have to stand in line for 3 goddamn hours to go on a 30 second roller-coaster or a drawn out water-ride that is Small World.

It's a slow world...

It’s a slow world…

Ahhhhhhhhhh it’s painful to look at!!!!!!

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