Long Overdue Update – Part 2

Hi lovelies,

It’s me again, here with my Part 2 installation for m long overdue update.  This is an exciting post because it’s all about my WEDDING!  I will clue you in on one of the most exciting times of my life.  August 3, 2013 I got to marry my best friend and the man of my dreams.  It was truly a spectacular day.  Stressful, but spectacular.

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Do You Ever Wonder What’s Out There?


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Tonight on Nightly News with Brian Williams (I love that man…), we were introduced to a small town in West Virginia, Green Bank to be exact, that prohibits the use of cell phones, wifi, and other such electronic devices that emit similar electronic interference. Why, you ask? There is such a place that would do such a thing, you ask? Well, I’ll tell you why…

They are listening to space!

I thought that was pretty cool. I decided that once the moon and the stars were visible, I would take some more moon pictures. This time I used my cellphone as a wireless remote to release the shutter button. I certainly got clearer pictures 🙂


I don’t know why I have that big purple artifact in the pictures but whatever. I think that the pictures turned out amazing (even though I’m paying the price for being out in the elements at night, getting eaten by bugs…I’m about ready to scratch all the skin off the tops of my feet).


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I Shall Talk About Wedding Things


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Just like the title of this post suggests, I shall talk about wedding things. Today I will cover headpieces and other wedding accessories, my mom visiting me here in Florida, and beautiful sunsets (of which I failed to set up my tripod properly in time to get good shot of).

Patrick: SPOILER!!! Don’t read this as certain topics and pictures pertain to the wedding 🙂

Back in February I ordered a headpiece from a California company called Deloris Petunia, with a cyber store front on Etsy. I fell in love with the pieces, handcrafted to fit the style differences of each and every bride, specific to color, hardware, and other features. I looked through the pictures of the headpieces on the Deloris Petunia model and also on real brides, trying to choose which general style might be the best fit for me. I think I may have told you all before, but I fell in love and quickly obsessed! So I bought one!

Well my custom headpiece came the other day after much waiting, and checking of order status and shipping information, BUT IT FINALLY CAME! I ran into the bathroom to unwrap my package without Patrick sneaking a peek (he wouldn’t…but I just wanted to be EXTRA sure). It was packaged quite nicely. As I took it out of the shipping box, then it’s magnetized Deloris Petunia box, then it’s bubble wrap, and tissue paper and masking tape holding it in place, it was glistening in the light like a thousand tiny diamonds atop a delicate looking mesh and hair combs. I promise I will post a picture when I feel up to unwrapping it again (when my mom gets here). It was a very involved process and when I opened it the first (and only) time, dinner was about on the table and I had to quickly wrap it back up and store it away.

For now, I give you these pictures from their Etsy website:

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