Water! Get your water!

March 4, 2013

Okay, so the first post of the Culinary Creations shall be about water.  This is a necessary staple to any diet plan…um or any plan that involves you LIVING for any long period of time.  I know that for me, it was really hard to drink a lot of water for the following reasons: 1) There was not a readily available water source, 2) Public water fountains are gross, 3) Water from public water fountains taste nasty, 4) Bottled water is expensive, and 5) I can taste water–I’m being totally serious here–and the water that I liked the taste of was of course the really expensive kind.

What I did was invest in a filtered water bottle so you can fill it up anywhere and always have it with you.  My first ever filtered water bottle was the CamelBak.  You can get these pretty much anywhere, I got mine at target.  The one good thing I found with this bottle is that it doesn’t make the obnoxious gurgling/bubbling sound that the Bobble Water Bottles make after you drink from it.  Downside is that it can be really difficult to keep clean because there are so many little parts.  You have the soft rubber mouthpiece, the filter itself, the housing for the filter, the clear plastic straw that attaches to the filter housing, and finally the actual water bottle, whew…almost got out of breath there.

With this whole hassle of constantly trying to keep my Camelbak free of mold and mildew, I have finally decided to give another brand a go, rather than fight the uphill battle of cleaning my mouthpiece out with Dawn and a q-tip.

I have decided that today after work I am going to swing by my local Walgreens and pick up the Brita Water Bottle.  It seems like they only come in a few colors and one size.  I don’t really care what color my water bottle is.  The main difference I see between this bottle and my current Camelbak is that you have to tip the bottle up when you want to drink because it does not have the straw that reaches the bottom of the bottle (good…one less thing I have to clean and then practically blow-dry).  From basic web searches, I am also seeing that these Brita bottles are a bit cheaper, come in a two pack (price per bottle cheaper still), and the filters are cheaper as well.  I also believe that the Brita bottles are available for purchase in more places.

Patrick and I will be rockin’ with our new Brita water bottles in about 2 hours! HAHA…only a health nut like me would get this excited about water.  But hey, if you can’t drink water easily, then you won’t.  One more thing…if you absolutely can’t stand drinking plain water then try some of those Mio Water Drops or Dasani has something similar.  You can easily make your water fruit punch or lemonade flavor and it’s still good for you!



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