Culinary Creations

I am not the greatest cook but I do get the job done, so my fiance says.  I do like to try new things and I will attempt to eat almost anything (edible of course) at least once.  I am determined to lead a healthier lifestyle (not that I am unhealthy now) but I want to continue with my trials and tribulations of eating healthy, clean, and Paleo-like (of course this Paleo thing is quite new to me – like maybe a week new!).  Here I will attempt to upkeep a log of what I eat, accompanied by a picture or two, with a decent recipe or description of how to make what I made or where to find it.  It should be known that I have no food allergies or restrictions, I am not Vegan, Vegetarian, or any other -an.  I love food.  ALL food.  I have a sweet tooth.  I come from a large Italian family so I grew up on white Italian bread and butter with pasta FOR DAYS, and of course dessert!  I drink beer.  I love wine.  I do not eat like a rabbit.  I love a good greasy wing smothered in hot & bbq sauce mix.  That is me.  I do however eat said unhealthy food in moderation and I do work out so whatever damage I have done over the weekend is rectified come Monday morning WOD.  In my eyes this is how I balance eating and being healthy.  This is not for everyone.  I will attempt to post the more healthier of my food preparations here and occasionally the awesome chocolate concoction I find on Pinterest.  Remember, food is fuel for your body.  You wouldn’t put garbage in your car’s fuel tank, why would you put in your body?  Also remember moderation!  So confusing right?! Thank goodness I’m not a dietician :/

Paleo diet

Paleo diet what….?


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