It has been about 4 months.  Actually, September 6th will mark my child’s 4 month birthday.  We had a healthy, little baby boy!  His name is Greyson.  He came into the world on May 6th at 2:24pm.  He weighed 7 pounds, 12 ounces and he was 20 and three-quarter inches long.  He is the love of my life, besides my husband.  I love him with everything I have.  Is is my whole world.  It has been so hectic and that’s why I haven’t really made a YouTube video or posted a blog in quite some time.  In the 12 weeks I took for maternity leave, I spent all my time tending to my new little one.  It was such a joy to be home with him and watch him grow and learn new things in his short time here.  He is inquisitive, talkative, strong, and his personality is burgeoning. He has a deep little voice and a raspy laugh.  God I love that laugh.  It makes me smile.  No matter how bad a day I have, I can hear that laugh and be glad.  All is right with the world when he smiles his little toothless smile.

Welcome Greyson!

Welcome Greyson!

I have a whole video on my labor and delivery story, so if you wanted to hear more about that, you can visit my YouTube channel here: My Labor and Delivery Story.  The picture above was taken his first day of life.

It’s hard to believe he ever fit into newborn diapers and clothes.  I hold them up now and I don’t think his one leg would fit into a pair of pants or a newborn onesie!  He is a big boy for a few days shy of 4 months.

Here are some more adorable pictures:



He looks a little orange there, don’t worry.  We got that fixed.

More sleeping...

More sleeping…

God, I miss those food comas and him peacefully sleeping for hours.  Don’t get me wrong, I love that he is up and exploring his world more, and I get to play with him more, but I miss him being so little.

I swear he does more than just sleep...

I swear he does more than just sleep…

Look at that sexy diaper butt!

Shades of Greyson

Shades of Greyson

See what I did there? Huh? Huh!  Well this is really the many faces of Greyson, and he is adding to his repertoire day by day.

ahhh...and there is the milk-drunk picture

ahhh…and there is the milk-drunk picture


Currently, my little one is sleeping soundly as I rock him with my foot while I write this post.  I hope to continue to update more often.  The whole reason I started this crazy blog and vlog journey was to capture moments like this.  Moments that will come and go.  Moments that we think we will never forget, but surely fade with the passage of time and more moments we think are all-important.  All I know is that each phase Greyson will go through will be my favorite.

Until next time.

~Tarah (Greyson’s Mom)