Hi fellow bloggers and blog readers…


I missed you.  Did you miss me?  Well probably not.  I’m truly sad and sorry about my absence.  Life happens, you know!  I have lots to tell you.

So, I pretty much left off more than a year ago, when my mom came down from MA to visit me here in FL.  I got her drunk, as the name of my previous post alludes.  That was fun!  Since then, I had a bridal shower, got married (obvs!), and like, A BUNCH MORE STUFF HAPPENED!  I will fill you all in on it!  This will probably take me several posts.

Let’s start with my Bridal Shower in Florida.  It was June, just months from the big day…I had my soon-to-be in-laws busily preparing my favorite foods and activities for the day.  I had my closest, bestest, dearest friends and sister to share in my joy!

bridal shower 2

Look at us raging...

Look at us raging…

So my sweet mother-in-law to be made my favorite foods which consist of:

  • Chili cheese dogs
  • Beer

There were way more items than that though, of course!  She made a spiked sweet iced tea, fruit salad, cupcakes, chicken wings, and mini BBQ sandwiches.

mmmmmm...salivating now....

mmmmmm…salivating now….

After opening my gifts — consisting of lingerie, and playing games — consisting of things that portrayed some sort of sex act….me and my girls headed out to start the bachelorette party!

bachelorette 3

We so purdy

We had amazing food, again, by the water and then headed out to a club I don’t remember to do things I am glad I forgot.

bachelorette 1

Me and sissy copying a Pinterest post. We looked better!

bachelorette 2

Oh yea, that thing I wanted to forget…damnit

bridal shower 4


Overall, I had an amazing time and I loved that my friends documented the night all on camera.  We ended the night on the beach next to our hotel drinking a six pack of beers the taxi driver bought us (long story).

Till next time loves,