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Tonight on Nightly News with Brian Williams (I love that man…), we were introduced to a small town in West Virginia, Green Bank to be exact, that prohibits the use of cell phones, wifi, and other such electronic devices that emit similar electronic interference. Why, you ask? There is such a place that would do such a thing, you ask? Well, I’ll tell you why…

They are listening to space!

I thought that was pretty cool. I decided that once the moon and the stars were visible, I would take some more moon pictures. This time I used my cellphone as a wireless remote to release the shutter button. I certainly got clearer pictures 🙂


I don’t know why I have that big purple artifact in the pictures but whatever. I think that the pictures turned out amazing (even though I’m paying the price for being out in the elements at night, getting eaten by bugs…I’m about ready to scratch all the skin off the tops of my feet).


The sunshine on the moon looks like it is engulfing it in fire! I love how you can also see the craters and mountains on the surface too.


This brings me to my question…do you ever wonder what’s out there? In all that space? My biggest fear in all the world (and I guess UNIVERSE for that matter) is (the existence of) aliens. I believe that with all the vast expanse of “stuff” and space out there, things that we can’t even fathom, there has to be alien life. Check this out if you want your mind to be blown. It is an interactive scale of the universe. From quirks and strings (as in string theory) all the way to Eagle Nebula and things much, MUCH larger than that! I honestly spent hours playing around with it one day. I still go back to the site just to click on all the different items to read the little descriptions about them. It blows my mind.


This picture looks like it is blurry because I set the shutter speed to a longer time. It shows the movement of the earth, and that’s why the stars are little lines in the sky. Depending on which place in the sky you focus on, you can either get lines across the sky or circles around a center point (a star that doesn’t change position in the sky relative to the earth’s movement).

Anyway,the point is that space and everything out there is just soooooo cool! Even if there are butt probing aliens, I still enjoy learning and observing the world and the space we occupy in the infinite universe.


One weird factoid about me: my favorite movie is actually a documentary shown in IMAX 3D at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex about the Hubble telescope. They say that the images captured by Hubble go so far back in space-time that scientists are quite sure they can see light from celestial bodies that came just after the Big Bang. As in that Nightly News story, the scientists there are on the brink of hearing the Big Bang!

Crazy, right?! Anyway, I’m off to bed. I am in the process of uploading the moon and star photos to Flickr so if you’d like to view larger, original size photos, go visit! Find me at: TarahS16