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Just like the title of this post suggests, I shall talk about wedding things. Today I will cover headpieces and other wedding accessories, my mom visiting me here in Florida, and beautiful sunsets (of which I failed to set up my tripod properly in time to get good shot of).

Patrick: SPOILER!!! Don’t read this as certain topics and pictures pertain to the wedding 🙂

Back in February I ordered a headpiece from a California company called Deloris Petunia, with a cyber store front on Etsy. I fell in love with the pieces, handcrafted to fit the style differences of each and every bride, specific to color, hardware, and other features. I looked through the pictures of the headpieces on the Deloris Petunia model and also on real brides, trying to choose which general style might be the best fit for me. I think I may have told you all before, but I fell in love and quickly obsessed! So I bought one!

Well my custom headpiece came the other day after much waiting, and checking of order status and shipping information, BUT IT FINALLY CAME! I ran into the bathroom to unwrap my package without Patrick sneaking a peek (he wouldn’t…but I just wanted to be EXTRA sure). It was packaged quite nicely. As I took it out of the shipping box, then it’s magnetized Deloris Petunia box, then it’s bubble wrap, and tissue paper and masking tape holding it in place, it was glistening in the light like a thousand tiny diamonds atop a delicate looking mesh and hair combs. I promise I will post a picture when I feel up to unwrapping it again (when my mom gets here). It was a very involved process and when I opened it the first (and only) time, dinner was about on the table and I had to quickly wrap it back up and store it away.

For now, I give you these pictures from their Etsy website:




So now that you know my unhealthy obsession with the headpiece, lets not talk about other wedding accessories…I totally did not spend almost 3 hours scouring Pinterest for a site to order a specific pair of wedding “under-things” that were really cute and had a bow ON THE BUTT!!!!

So, anyway…

I’m really excited because my mom is visiting me and she comes in on Thursday night! My stepdad surprised her with a short little weekend trip down here on her birthday a couple of weeks ago! It has only really been a week and a half since I was just up in Massachusetts visiting her, hahaha. But yea, my mom really needed a little getaway, even if we aren’t really planning on doing much. Just the fact that she can lounge around and just relax is exactly what she needed and I have already planned getting our favorite tea and picking up some scones from Panera for our little late night “tea talks”. I love my mom. I love just sitting around the kitchen table, over tea and a snack, and just talking about life or other things that are neither here nor there. Boston is going to love having all the attention this weekend 🙂 A few short weeks after my mom leaves, my sister flies in and we are celebrating my bridal shower and bachelorette party.

I feel like I’m just rambling on. I will close by showing you some of my awful pictures of that beautiful sunset I saw the other night. I was so excited to finally be able to use my tripod but then I couldn’t set it up properly in time and just got the rich orange and red sky almost at the horizon and behind our neighbors fence….BLAH!!



The sky pictures look blurry because I don’t have a remote for my camera…and pushing the shutter button on a camera on a tripod stills shakes it, just a teensy bit 😦


Well I am off to bed, my neck is super sore and I don’t know what I did to it. I took a bunch of Advil and now I’m going to sleep.


P.S. I thought this post was going to have a direction…but lack of sleep, Advil, and neck pain have rendered me somewhat delirious. Sorry for that.