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I don’t quite know where I left off during my last post but I did remember that I had a few more pictures to share with you. I was visiting my family on Cape Cod and tried to take some decent pictures on my trip. If I get a good one I will make it a black and white photo and hang it on my wall in my living room. I have a bunch of photos hanging all over my wall. It’s pretty. I’ll have to take a picture it sometime 🙂

Anyway…I love my mom’s house and wish that I could pack it up and stash it in my back pocket. It smells of cinnamon and it is always warm and cozy, no matter how cold the weather gets outside (which is was the weekend I was there). I took some pictures of a hutch filled with old salt an pepper shakers that belonged to my great grandma. I don’t know if there are shakers that are older than that, I doubt it.



I like the owls the best!

It was nostalgic because the hutch actually still smells like my great grandparents’ house. No, it doesn’t smell like old people and moth balls. I can’t really describe the smell. It’s not bad. It’s comforting and warm smelling. It’s my great grandma, shuffling along in her pink slippers. It’s my great grandpa’s cherry pie cooling on the windowsill. It’s all of those things wrapped into one. Just like the things that have resided in my mom’s house are forever embedded in a thick layer of cinnamon, my great grandparents’ hutch, with all those old salt and pepper shakers, are forever embedded in what made their home a home.

The other days I was up there and not running around getting my hair and makeup done, my little brother, mom, and I were getting candy at the local candy store. Actually, we were looking at custom wedding favors while Carter was busy eating my chocolate.



Meanwhile, my mom strolls out of Ghelfi’s looking like a freaking runway model!


Like I said…I can’t show you my makeup but I can show you this model’s….I mean my mom’s…


I also visited my dad for dinner on this short trip too. He is an amazing chef. He made the most amazing eggplant Parmesan 🙂 Yummy 🙂

My step mom was also hard at work, her every waking, non-working minute, making the garden as beautiful as possible.



Leanne and her good friend made me my wedding arbor. It’s just absolutely perfect.

Even though I constantly talked about wedding stuff the entire long weekend, I mostly enjoyed just being around my family. I was sad that it was only for a few days and most of my hours were spent either here or there, those few minutes where I could laugh with mom and sister over the something silly one of us said, or enjoying a homemade meal with exceptional homemade pasta sauce, that made all of it worth while.