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There is absolutely no excuse for me to not have posted at least a tidbit about my journey home. I had a really great time and I would love to show you some pictures!


That’s me, my mom, and my little sister. When I got in to Providence after my somewhat decent flight (I mean I had an entire row all to myself but the men behind me were less than inappropriate) I picked up the rental car and drove straight to get my mom and we went out for tea! I hadn’t even really had time to drop my bags off at my mom’s house and we were out the door heading for the Tea Shoppe. My sister met us there. She drove down from her apartment in Quincy. It was a really nice afternoon. After tea, we walked around the little outdoor shopping area. We went into one of the stores that sells our favorite bracelets, Alex and Ani. I bought one for my mom (I got one too, hehe). It was my mom’s birthday on May 1st. I brought her card with me on the plane but I really couldn’t fit too much else on my carry-on luggage. I decided that I would just get her something up there.

All week was filled with pretty much the same types of things. I got to hang out with my family and do girly things like finalize my wedding cake order…


…and take pictures of pretty things…



These were taken in a little town on the Cape called Sandwich. No joke! I saw somewhere that people didn’t believe that we have Sandwich Police, hehe!


I also had appointments I had to attend, which was basically the whole reason I went up in the first place. I had my hair and makeup trials. I can’t post those pictures…Pat might see. I don’t want him to get an idea of what I’ll look like before the wedding. That’s bad luck…right?!

I can show you a cranberry bog though…


This is still my favorite cranberry bog to drive by. It is so pretty and my over- and under-exposed photos don’t do it justice. The photo I included here was just the best one out of my many horrible ones, really.

Oh…here is my sister ironing her shirt. She is in the Air Force and had a retirement ceremony to attend the following day. She has to wear some really frumpy clothes but she still looks cute in them 🙂


She’ll kill me for posting that but it’s okay. Kierstin, I love you. Sorry!

Here is a self portrait…


I have lots more to share but that will post tomorrow 🙂

Have a lovely hump day everyone!