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I’ll admit it.  I have been super lazy these past couple of days.  Well actually no, that’s a lie.  I have worked extremely hard during the day, so by the time I get home I am super lazy.  SUPER!

Super Lazy to the rescue!

Super Lazy to the rescue!

My mind is so full of racing thoughts, that by the time I’m home and need to cook dinner, do something ANYTHING with my thesis, or tidy up the house, I am just too tired and wired at the same time.  Does that make sense?

Like my butt hits the couch cushion and it’s not moving but I start to feel guilty about not doing anything and then I get so worked up I can no longer even relax properly.

Lazy with a zzzzzzz

Lazy with a zzzzzzz

Besides that nonsense, I really do have to pick myself up after I get home from work today.  Some of Patrick’s family is coming up from south Florida for his sister’s college graduation.  I have to get the guest room set up for them and clean up around the house.

Story of my life....

Story of my life….

Well, tomorrow is my last day at my current job.  Maybe I shouldn’t stress too much tonight and just have fun with it.

Challenge accepted

Challenge accepted!

Because after tomorrow, and the awkward farewell happy hour that will happen after work, I AM GOING TO CAPE COD!!! YAY!

Happy Hump Day people 🙂


P.S. Sorry this wasn’t a stellar post…I’m allowed a non-stellar post every now and then.