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Cape Cod is really beautiful anytime of year.  If you want to partake in the more touristy things, then I would say visit in the late spring/summer/early fall.  I wasn’t born in Massachusetts but it is where I grew up, since 4th grade until my sophomore year in college.  It is where I call home.  There is something about the northeast, and New England that draws me.  I wish desperately to move back there someday.  I mean I’d even settle for slightly south of that area, and take up roots in Virgina or Maryland.

Keep calm and Cape Cod

Keep calm and Cape Cod 🙂

Famous for Jaws, beaches, saltwater taffy, and this, Cape Cod occupies a special place in my heart.  Also in this special place: my love for apple pie, pretzel M&Ms, cute puppy dogs, and Patrick.

I get really homesick right before I’m supposed to go home.  I guess this is a good thing because then I almost always end up appreciating home a little bit more while I’m there.

From Boston to the Cape…I truly miss my home.

Boston Commons during my October 2012 Trip

Boston Commons

There are a few things one must know about Cape Coddas and their affinity for chowda, Haavud Yaahd, and paw-kin’ caaz (I really don’t know how one would phonetically spell some of this native speak…I try though.  I try.)

UPDATE: I found this: “Pahk the cah in Havahd Yahd” on the Urban Diction website.

We are a down-to-earth bunch.  We work our asses off.  We have tough skin.  We can simultaneous laugh with you while not holding back to laugh AT you and then announce to a crowded bar “Look at this f*ckin’ guy….” (Imagine Mark Wahlberg just said that).  We survive our summers by drinking clam chowda through a straw, eating ginormous lobster rolls, catching a few Cape League baseball games (Summer Catch?  Anyone? Na…didn’t think so), and relaxing at any one of our gorgeous beaches which stretch for 560 miles or so.

Bob's Seafood Cafe

Bob’s Seafood Cafe

Bob’s Seafood Cafe was a magical place.  I worked there a few summers throughout high school and my first year in college.  Tourists would crowd every inch of the Popponesset Marketplace and working at Bob’s was a treacherous hell.  I say that endearingly.  It’s basically the epitome of what Cape Cod is and what Cape Cod has to offer.

Popponesset Marketplace

Popponesset Marketplace

The building at the back of this photo is a little cafe called “The Coffee Table”.  Best bagels!  Oh, and want proof that we sell the best lobster rolls ever…

Bob's Seafood Cafe / Raw Bar

Bob’s Seafood Cafe / Raw Bar

BOOM! THERE THEY ARE!  Nuttin’ but fresh lobsta meat and mayo on a fresh bun!  Also, I used to work with the lady in the photo (Hi Ruth!).  She was bad ass!  If anyone of those stuck up tourists gave us girls a hard time…oh boy…you just hoped Ruth didn’t see.

At Bob’s I learned how to count back change (a lost art form amongst kids now-a-days) because we had an old, I’m talking like pre-WWII, cash register with sticky buttons.  I learned about summer lovin’, I learned how to bar tend, how to sneak on to private beaches, and how to sneak out of friends houses and meet boys down at the end of the road.  We didn’t have too many house parties, no, we had beach parties and bonfires out in the woods somewhere.  I had a blast!

Even though I don’t miss bridge traffic (we joke with tourists that they should have taken the tunnel, much faster…) There is no tunnel. There’s TOTALLY a tunnel!

Bourne Bridge

Bourne Bridge

Yup, that looks to be about a 3-4 hour backup.  Yes, come on over tourists…spend your tourist money on our $21.95 lobster rolls (circa 2010 — totally could be more now).

Come run our races…

Falmouth Road Race

Falmouth Road Race

and visit the outter Cape…


P-Town: Where drag-queening ain’t nuttin’ but a thang

and join in a nation…

Red Sox Nation

Red Sox Nation

Boston Strong

Boston Strong

My home holds a special place in my heart.  I can’t wait to go home and see my family, friends, and those beautiful miles of tourists waiting to cross the bridge seashore.


P.S. This commercial is hilarious and just one more thing New England can boast about…