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I am not here today to tell you the differences between men and women, if I knew any factual information then yes, I would tell you.  Alas, the double standard for men and women is not the topic today.  Unfortunately.

There is, without a doubt, certain behaviors, certain things, that adults are expected not to do (or not to be) but we do those things or we are those things anyway.

Are adults supposed to be afraid of the dark or monsters under the bed (which would be completely illogical and against all physical laws governing this planet…right?!)  Are adults supposed to be timid and shy, or outgoing–because someone told us that we would grow out of our awkward high school phase someday?

I hope someone told this guy...

I hope someone told this guy…

(I have to give photo credit for this one because there are so many other gems on the site!)

I really think that there is a double standard going on here and I blame the 5 year old children.  I really do.

Here are some things that I am ashamed to admit but will do so anyway, because DAMNIT, I BLOG NOW and, and, AND THAT’S WHAT I DO! (Thrusts pointer finger toward the sky, angrily.)

1. I am scared of the dark.

2. I am scared of aliens.  More so than any other logical thing on this planet (the belief in the existence of aliens is quite logical, given the vast expanse of universe unexplored–I digress).

OMG...Fire in the sky. Nightmares.

OMG…Fire in the sky. Nightmares.

3. I believe that boys have cooties (except Patrick…I have a strong fondness for that one).

Circle, circle, dot, dot

Circle, circle, dot, dot

4. I am still extremely shy in unfamiliar situations.  Unfortunately.  I am still waiting to grow out of this phase.

Awkward Napoleon Dynamite

Awkward Napoleon Dynamite

5. I procrastinate and as and adult, procrastination is frowned upon.  If I were a pimply-faced teenager (again), it would be all the rage.

6. I like my cold beverages to be in bottles.

7.  I think that baby food is delicious.  I once bought that powered rice cereal and jarred strawberries and bananas.  I ate them.  I didn’t care.  (I also buy other baby-related products like baby oil and baby wipes.  Don’t hate cuz I’m awesome.)

8. I throw temper tantrums when I don’t get my way.  Granted, I do have to moderate when and where these tantrums are thrown (I am an adult after all, le sigh).

Give her whatever the hell she wants so she shuts up!

Give her whatever the hell she wants so she shuts up!

9. I still think its cool to play video games.  I am told that I am not allowed to own a video game console because I would play games all day long and never get anything else done (adults can be soooooo annoying)!

10.  I still want a princess dream wedding.  This one I’m totally getting my way.  I don’t care what anyone says.

Can I have?

Can I have?

What are some things that you find are a complete double standard between kids and adults?  I mean, just because you win at getting old doesn’t mean you have to suffer, right?