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Um…my body.  My body is definitely telling me that I can not do it all.  I don’t know what world I was living in when I decided that I wanted to plan my own wedding and get married, graduate with my Master’s degree–with the Thesis option no less, train for my 1st (and now 2nd) marathon, resign from a job, start a job, and maybe sleep and eat along the way! All within a year’s time!  WTH!

The sun sets everywhere...there are ONLY 24 hrs in a day...

The sun sets everywhere…there are ONLY 24 hrs in a day…

The days are long and consist of me going to the gym in the morning before work (which I have not done in like 5 days–shame on me, I know), going to work for 8 hrs, maybe proctor a study session at my research lab after work (did I mention that it is a 3 hour long vigilance study? Yea, it totally is…), come home and eat a meal left in the microwave (Patrick was nice enough to leave me leftovers, how sweet), and then possibly read a few journal articles for reference in my thesis so that I don’t have a paper consisting solely of my own opinions and hogwash.  By that time, wait, there is no more time by that time!  Did that make sense?  I didn’t think so.  I’m running on the fumes of the caffeine in my last cup of coffee.

Seriously, the best thing for me right now is to just have a checklist of all the things I need to start doing.  Number 1 on that list?  Mail out my wedding invitations before the middle of May.  Yea, so, the RSVP says we want all replies back before June 15.  I should probably start doing that.

Next on my list?  I don’t know?  Cry, maybe?  In all seriousness though, it is starting to get really stressful.  Luckily I do have lots of people who are helping.  I know I say that I am planning the wedding by myself and by this I just mean I don’t have a fancy wedding planner holding my hand through it all.  I do, however, have a day-of planner which is quite nice!

Anyway, I just wanted to put up a post and let you all know that in the coming days (or weeks) I may have a guest post by one of my good friends and academic colleague.  Her and I have had some crazy adventures while traveling for data collection in our research lab.  Where have we been, you ask?  Oh just a little place called Bacon Town, Waikiki Beach, and THE MIDDLE OF FRIGGIN’ NOWHERE, Arizona.  Oh boy the stories we have.  Those may or may not be talked about here.

Here are some pictures from those trips to tide you over for now…

View of Diamond Head from the hotel room

View of Diamond Head from the hotel room. Waikiki Beach is to the right and just out of frame.

Middle of Nowhere, Arizona…

Strange to have a palm tree and snow covered mountains in one frame

Strange to have a palm tree and snow covered mountains in one frame.

That guy is either gonna get pooped on or kicked in the kneecap

This guy is either gonna get pooped on or kicked in the kneecap.

Have a lovely Tuesday and go home and sleep…you deserve it.  Now.  Go.