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It really seems to be that when when one door closes, another opens, and if that door closes, a window will fly up.  There are opportunities everywhere.  Life finds a way (enter: awesome reference to Jurassic Park).

Yes Mr. Malcom....yes it will.

Yes Dr. Malcom….yes it will.

That’s all I will say about that.  I have written and posted about some heavy stuff the last couple times (minus Bocce Ball Champs) and I need a mood lifter.  Let’s talk about my trip down to south Florida more, shall we?

Since I am totally obsessed with my new camera and I needed to take it with me to Patrick’s parent’s house for the two days that we were there, one of which would be spent outside (in what we thought would be scorching, dusty weather on the Bocce playing fields, but turned into a severe thunderstorm).  Nevermind that.  I brought the camera anyway.  I wanted to practice taking “artsy” pictures of things that look similar to what we have here at home – palm trees and more palm trees.

We had packed up to leave early Friday evening.  It was still somewhat sunny as we started out so I decided to take some pictures of the scenery with just the camera on my phone.  I didn’t want to seem like a poser, whipping out my huge camera in the car.  I ended up getting really cool photos with it (with the help of a camera photo app that allows you to edit the photo so much you render the picture unrecognizable from the original).


Power Lines

Heading down south. I didn’t get a chance to take a picture of the “Used cows for sale” sign so I give you power lines…

Sunset in Rearview

Wish the windows weren’t so dirty but it was raining…and then not

The Highway

Old-timey? Huh? Yea….

Both Patrick and his brother, Michael, were making fun of me the entire time.    While we were nearing our destination, the sky was becoming darker and darker.  I thought it would be a good idea to try my hand at some long exposure shots of cars’ head- and taillights.  I caved and started using my camera – camera.


Drive to South Florida

I call this “Line-to-seagull”. Get it?

Drive to South Florida

Drive to South Florida

“Fast Lane”

Even though they aren’t the greatest (i.e my hands were shaking, the shots are either under exposed or over exposed, and basically I have no idea how to manually work my camera), I actually really like how these (at least these three) came out!

That night I looked up flickr picture after flickr picture of long exposure shots and tips and tricks for shooting in low light without a tripod.  I was mesmerized.  I didn’t go to sleep until 1am!

Here are some pictures I liked:

I can’t believe this was a midnight shot!

This was the effect I was trying to go for during my highway photo-shoot (Note: I failed)!

This might by my favorite!  I love the long exposure shots with water.

I want to do this!

Reallyfast Ferris Wheel (vomit…)

There is something strange, eerie, yet very soothing about this shot.  Also, it was done with a point and shoot.  Reminds me that I can take good photos one day.

Another photo that illustrates what I was trying to shoot for (hehe)

Another barf-o-matic ride :/  Don’t worry the photo is just a long exposure shot of a carnival ride that looks like it is going fast.

Enjoy today everyone 🙂