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I am going to make an analogy in poem form which I hope will explain a situation in my life someone’s life, somewhere.  I don’t know where they are.  I don’t know them.

Light At The End Of The Tunnel

Wide eyed and puppy tailed
green to the world
and degree recently mailed
sparkling plans of dreams unfurled.

A prospect! A place!
Wide eyed and face aglow,
mark made to win the race
and qualifications to show.

Did it, succeeded…
all the fears and doubts
we beat it,
but there are voices and shouts?

Months and days go by
with nary a nod a wink or accord
the devious devil’s sly
minions have tired and bored.

Fighting for justice and rightfully so
with nothing but will and might
and momentum to go
right up to the devious devil and fight.

Recognizing it was for naught,
some lipstick on shit,
pretty on the outside, you thought,
but stench with a hit.

A ray of hope and light and good
will stand where we need it to
and there the beacon stood
with another prospect to place you.

Wish we may
wish we might
the devious devil decay
and you may prevail to fight.