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There are a few posts that I have in the works for the following reasons:

1) Because I have really cool dreams and I think mini stories that feature my weirdness are in order.

2) I have been thinking about my family a lot.  I have been reading this one blog and the girl talks about her Italian roots.  It’s a nice reminder to me that I shouldn’t forget where I came from.  I was fortunate enough to know three of my great-grandparents until I was 25 years old.  I had access to first-hand knowledge of the accounts of coming to America on a ship through Ellis Island at my disposal.  I just hope I didn’t waste that opportunity…

Ermelinda. My great-grandmother from Italy.  Missing: Photo of her husband, Mario.

Ermelinda. My great-grandmother from Italy. Missing: Photo of her husband, Mario.

James.  My great-grandfather of Scottish origin.  Missing:  Photo of his wife, Dottie.

James. My great-grandfather of Scottish origin. Missing: Photo of his wife, Dottie.

3) There are things that bug me and I know the list seems endless.  Another “Grinds My Gears” is in order.  Also, when I finally get around to that post, it may turn into a “Would You Rather?”.  For instance, at work we have a communal kitchenette.  There are always coffee, tea and light snacks at our disposal.  Oddly enough, there are two coffee makers, a regular coffee pot and a Keurig.  In the cabinet above the coffee makers, a jar labeled “Tea .50 cents, Coffee .50 cents, Keurig $1.50”, I think it says other stuff but basically that’s the jist of it.  I have never put money in the jar.  What I do is this:  I go to the store and I buy the coffee creamer I like and basic Keurig cups like Maxwell House and Folgers.  Sometimes I get fancy flavors like Hazelnut or French Vanilla.  I put them in the communal cabinet so that other people may use them too.  I don’t mind.  I get what I like and other people may use it as well.  I don’t want to put my money in the jar to be used on things I won’t use (I don’t like the creamer that is purchased and I don’t like the tea bags they get, etc.).  The other day, an employee that is in charge of emptying the money jar saw me take a Keurig cup, withholding putting money in the jar when I took it, and gave me a look.  Had he said something I would have told him that I bring in coffee-stuffs (right now I just put it in the cabinet and no one needs to know I bring it in…I’m like the little coffee gnome).  I mean, is it getting to the point where I need to defend my coffee addiction?!  Is it wrong that I don’t put money in the jar but instead buy my own coffee-stuffs?  By the way I am so copyrighting the hyphen “stuffs”.  Anything with a –stuffs I OWN! HAHA I do use is a lot.  A lot-stuffs.  So anyway, I digress.  My point is it grinds my gears.  The whole situation.  So I ask you, what would you do…or “Would You Rather?”.

4) I need to eventually get around to explaining why I blog.  It seems like I started off this whole thing as a way to chronicle the time leading up to my wedding and the things I have done to prepare.  I have been basically planning everything on my own, with the help of select family members (I couldn’t do this without you guys! *Tear*) but I was hoping to maybe shed light on any tips or trade secrets I have learned along the way.  Then, out of nowhere this blog morphed into basically my life and all the twists, turns, ups, and downs that it took (and will take).  I hope my readers (hi guys!) don’t mind that.  I just want to tell you why I blog and why it has become such a passion of mine to share who I am and what goes on in my life.  I mean, granted it’s not that exciting, but STILL!  I have an awful memory and I hope that this chronicled jumbled of words and ideas will come in handy one day.

OH and one more thing, 5) Maybe I might talk about something important for once.  There are two things.  I lied.  One thing being the whole gay marriage debate and the other is this new concept I heard on the radio about an airline charging tickets for how much the passenger weighs.  I don’t know.  We shall see what I come up with to weigh in on those topics.  No pun intended.

Bacon Equals..well...awesome!

Bacon Equals..well…awesome!