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OUTDATED: **This isn’t going to be a very exciting post because I still have all my fun-time pictures sitting on the memory card in my camera, in my office, at home. But, as soon as I get home I will get those pictures out and into a post!

Yesterday was Easter and although I am not very religious I do take the time on the holidays to spend with friends and family and that’s what it’s all about for me.  I think I said in another post that Patrick and I were hosting his brother, sister, and sister’s boyfriend for dinner.  I was still feeling under the weather so Patrick tackled all the house cleaning, I waited for the (legal) drugs to kick in, and I started to prepare the food.

I have a really funny picture to go along with what I’m about to tell you, but you’ll just have to wait until I get it off my camera! (**Update: I have posted the pictures. As you can see.)

While Patrick was vacuuming, Boston Dog was doing the honorable thing and protecting me from the evil, dastardly vacuum.  He would rush at the thing and try and bite it!  I swear, sometimes my little dog is so protective of me.  I don’t know if it was because I was sick or because he just really hates the vacuum, but he was going after the thing!  How brave!  How heroic!  Boston Dog…to the rescue!

Boston Dog's Arch Enemy

Boston Dog’s Arch Enemy…the vacuum

Grrr....I want to eat you

Grrr….I want to eat you

After the house was clean and sparkling, I starting making the sweet potato dish and green bean casserole.  Pat put the ham in the oven to warm it up and I glazed it in a blend of spices, brown sugar, and honey.  The Easter Bread was already made.  I baked those the night before.  They came out delicious!

Easter 2013

Michael (Pat’s brother) came over with a cheesy potato dish and Erin (Pat’s sister) came over with a cookie cake.  There was more than enough food for thirds (or fourths, in my case) and everyone had a great time.

Easter 2013

We got to sit down and meet Erin’s boyfriend.  He was super nice and after dinner we starting talking about photography and my new camera.  He showed me some pictures from the Maroon 5 concert the night before.  They looked amazing.  I asked how his phone can take pictures that came out looking like that.  Then he told me what editing program he uses and introduced me to said photo editing tool that had me memorized for the rest of the evening.  You wouldn’t believe some of the photos he has taken, with his iPhone no less, and they look stunning!

The Bikes of Downtownvia @barnessupply

The Bikes of Downtown via @barnessupply

Colors via @barnessupply

Colors via @barnessupply

Sky Mile via @barnessupply

Sky Mile via @barnessupply

The night wore on and one by one our guests left.  Patrick and I curled up on the couch watching an episode of Duck Dynasty (T.V. crack).  We were full on ham and other Easter dinner delicacies and happy we pulled off a holiday meal with no glitches.  Seriously good food and good people.  The End.


P.S. The recovery part of this post is to tell you that I am finally feeling better.  It is Monday and I have had this sore throat for almost a week now.  Even though I’m not 100% recovered, I do feel much, much better 🙂