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Yesterday I took a sick day from the blog.  I am sorry.  I felt like crap.  On Tuesday of this week I went to CrossFit with a faint hint of a sore throat coming on.  The entire workout was all shoulders so it probably wasn’t such a great idea to do that.  But you know me (directed at the people who actually do know me), I’m full of great ideas.  NO! Seriously!  I am!  Really!

Ok, well maybe not all the time.

Anyway, that night (Tuesday…keep up) the faint hint of a sore throat turned into a raging bitch.  My tonsil was basically infringing on my uvula. Whoa, that sounds like a dirty word. Well, yea, actually it kind of does.  It’s the little throat punching bag thingy.

Yesterday my tonsil decided to keep at it and expand to the size of a small walnut and basically impede the drinking and eating process.  Drinking water felt like a sharp knife to my throat.  Forget eating a granola bar!  It felt like I was swallowing glass shards (not that I have ever done that…one can only imagine).

Also, yesterday at work I was kind of busy (surprisingly) and I didn’t really have time to bust out a post.  I was putting it off until I got home.  When I finally did get home, I collapsed on my bed in exhaustion.  Patrick had to gently shake me awake and tell me to put on my PJs.  He is really sweet when I am sick.  He was going to make me tomato soup instead of the pork chops that were originally on the menu.  Since we didn’t have foodstuffs for a grilled cheese I opted for pasta and meatballs.  At least that food was still softer than pork chops.  I was able to get it down but it made my throat pretty raw.

Yea, Patrick is going to make a great dad someday.  The way he takes care of me, I can only imagine how he’ll melt into a big ball of gushy feelings for our future kids.  At one little peep, I can just see him going to the ends of the earth to make them happy.  How do I know this?  Well, because.  He goes to the ends of the earth for me ❤

Awwwww. GAG!

Well that’s all I’ve got.  I still feel pretty awful today and I’m still pretty slammed at work.   I am not going to let this whole skipping posts thing be a regular habit though!