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I think that whoever created the concept of an adult arcade is a genius.  Getting a whole bunch of grown adults together in a gigantic building featuring 2 bars, late night “munchie” food, arcade games, and a room full of redeemable prizes – WINNING!

The following is an epic adventure Patrick and I had while at Dave & Busters (and if you haven’t read about our amazing dinner, then do so here):

The birthday party decided to walk to Dave & Busters from the restaurant.  It was not far.  As we were waiting at the corner for the pedestrian light to illuminate, a cycle rickshaw drove by.  Sandy’s mom (who I had just met at dinner and who is also just as adorable as Sandy) called out, “Where do those generate from?  Let’s get one!”

The one Sandy took was not this cool.

The one Sandy took was not this cool.

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At least I think that was the exchange.  Whatever was said seemed to be extremely funny at the time and although we could see Dave & Busters in the (not so far off) distance, Sandy, her brother, and mom hopped on the nearest “generated” rickshaw and whisked away into the tourist filled night.  Once the walking group got to our destination and up the brightly lit fluorescent stairs and in line to get a “token” card, we realized that Sandy and company were nowhere to be seen.  Conversation soon entailed:

“Where did that guy take them?”

“Did anyone get that cyclist’s license plate number?”

“Do those things have license plates?”

“OMG what if they don’t?!”

Rest assured. Sandy, bro, and mom arrived shortly after with mom sporting new shoes.  What can I say?  A girl on a “mini” vacation, in the “most touristy” part of town has GOT to shop!!

Seriously Word? Touristiest?

Seriously Word? Touristiest?

So, after waiting in line for several long minutes to get our Dave & Busters token card (adult arcade debit card), we hopped back into ANOTHER line for beer.  BEER! At an arcade!  I don’t think that when I was younger I could have imagined the world to be such a magical and wonderful place.

At dinner there was much smack talkin’ about skeet ball and such callous words like “loser” and “you suck” and “you’re going down” were thrown around willy-nilly.  The hype to crown a skeet ball champion was suddenly dashed when we all saw the line against the skeet ball wall.  Damn.  For the time being we spilt up and tried our hand at various air hockey tables, shoot-em-up games, and Big Rig Truck Driver? What?

No. Freakin'. WAY!

No. Freakin’. WAY!

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Yea, you read right.  I saw the magical driving simulator on the far side of the arcade.  The seat had a large chrome exhaust pipe sticking up out of the back.  The steering wheel controller for the game was a gigantic big rig one!  I hopped on up, Patrick sitting next to me, and I slide my token card to play the game, whatever that might entail.

I had no idea what the goal of the game was, all I knew was that the avatar I chose had an 18-wheeler with flames down the side and he was an enormous (half-naked with gut spilling over the top of his pants) trucker!  I was in heaven!  Pat didn’t want to play; all he wanted to do was beep the horn.  I wasn’t very good because the steering wheel kept turning on its own, but Pat was a pro honking at people.  Plus, there was this very nasty “rival” truck driver who kept smashing into us.  I don’t know why he would want to do that…his truck was also very nice, with a skull and crossbones paint job all up and down the sides.  Needless to say, the rest of the night went pretty much like that.  We kept crossing paths with the people from the party and everyone was all smiles.  It seriously was a lot of fun.

This game sucks

This game sucks, by the way.

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At one point, I saw Sandy sitting by herself and Patrick and I went over.  She was actually watching Chris and his friend playing this zombie shoot-em-up game.  They were doing really well.  I had mentioned to Sandy that I had seen Chris playing this when we first got there and if he was still playing the same game.  She slowly shook her head yes.  So yup, 1 hour into happy-adult-fun time-arcade-party and Chris was POWNING these zombies!  All I could do was laugh!

As the night wore on, it was time for us to go.  Seriously, I was so tired (even after the intense Cuban espresso shot I tried back at the restaurant).  Before leaving we redeemed our sad excuse of a ticket pile and got the most expensive shot glass ever! (Spend $30 dollars on a token debit card and win 306 tickets =  shot glass worth 300 tickets = most expensive shot glass ever.  My head hurts.)

Patrick and I said goodbye to the birthday girl and family and made our way back to the parking garage.  The parking garage from HELL!  Tomorrow, I promise to post about this experience!  Stay tuned for the exciting and somewhat hellish conclusion to our birthday party weekend adventure!