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Yesterday was the first day a new post has not gone up, with good reason.  Patrick and I were busy running around town.  First, we had an appointment with the jewelry store to look at the custom wax mold of my shadow band (wedding ring).  I have a tough time imagining what it will look like when it’s such a nasty color looking wax.  Also, please disregard my calloused hands…CrossFit was rough this week.

Top view of ring with wax mold

Top view of ring with wax mold

Side View of ring with wax mold

Side View of ring with wax mold

So, as you can see, they took the same model of my ring so that the jeweler could form the shadow band to fit perfectly with my ring without having to actually give up my own ring (I would feel naked if I had to do that).  Also, my engagement ring was customized (slightly) because I didn’t want my center diamond sticking way up in the prongs of the original ring (pictured).  I mean, it already catches on just about everything, just think if I had kept the ring as it came!  NO!  Anyway, the shadow band will have small little diamonds which will match the diamond pattern of my ring and this wax mold will be shaved down a bit more to be slightly thinner.

Then, we headed up to a shopping center to get my friend a birthday present.  I figured my friend would love to have a spa package so I got her a gift card to an amazing place (where I have had my hair colored and also a massage) where she can choose whichever services she would like.

After that, Patrick and I went to Jersey Mike’s for some subs.  After we had ordered, sat down, and started to eat, we noticed this couple that came in and the guy was holding a loaf of bread.  I whispered to Pat that I thought the guy was going to ask to have his sub made on his own bread.  Sure as a bear shits in the woods, he did!  I couldn’t believe it!  That’s ridiculous right?  Why not just make the sandwich at home if you want to use your own foodstuffs?!  I tried to get a picture but Patrick had already gotten up, and it would have been weird to blatantly take a picture of the line of customers.  But believe me, this guy was holding a package of Sunbeam White Bread, and ready for a Jersey Mike’s employee to make his sandwich.

Sunbeam White Bread

Sunbeam White Bread

The rest of the day was spent lounging around, as dinner reservations weren’t until 8pm.  Dinner was at this place called Cuba Libre, a restaurant that I have never been to.  It was a huge place, you wouldn’t be able to tell from the outside.  Once you get inside, the bottom floor consists of a huge bar, restaurant area with tables for customers, and a dance floor/stage.  A huge set of steps winds up to a second story with spacious seating, a bar, dance floor/stage, and a separate night club.  Apparently, certain nights the restaurant turns into a hoppin’ night club with Latin mixes/electronica and, according to our server, “old school Cuban” music.  On a few occasions while we were eating, professional dancers came and started twirling around right by our table.  It was a lot of fun to eat and watch the entertainment.

The food was delicious.  There were so many great food options but since I couldn’t just pick one, I ended up getting the 15 Tastes of Cuba.  You get 15 plates portioned for “food tasting”.  You get a basket of chips and crackers with 3 dipping sauces, 4 appetizers, 3 entrees with 3 sides, and 2 desserts.  OMG delicious!  I was glad I went hungry though, because even though I was assured that the portions were for ONE person, it’s a feat to eat that much food.  It can be shared, honestly.

A little bit after, people/Cuba Libre patrons high on alcohol confidence started to dance too.  I got pictures. Behold. The confident alcoholics.

Alcoholics...I assume.

Alcoholics…I assume.

Then, my dear friend Sandy (birthday girl!) got up and started dancing!  She has rhythm and can do such things.  Plus, she’s absolutely adorable!  Plus, it was her birthday dinner and could do whatever she wanted.  I, however, am not that coordinated and so I took pictures.

Sandy and Mike dancing.  Not alcoholics.  Just good friends.

Sandy and Mike dancing. Not alcoholics. Just good friends.

Sandy and Chris.  Again, not alcoholics...just lovers!

Sandy and Chris. Again, not alcoholics…just lovers!

Sandy and Chris.  This one is my favorite.  They are so cute!

Sandy and Chris. This one is my favorite. They are so cute!

I asked Pat to dance, because I happen to be a confident alcoholic, and this was his response:



Well, at least I tried.  I danced in my seat for the remainder of the night (which is probably best…for everyone involved).

After dinner we all ended up going to Dave and Busters.  I have only been one time before.  It is an experience, to say the least.  I will post all about our epic adventure in Dave and Busters tomorrow.  I will also tell you about the parking garage from hell that eats peoples’ souls and keeps them trapped in a Toyota Camry purgatory fooooorrrrrreeeeeevvvvveeeerrrrrr.

Last night was fun and Patrick and I just got to relax with old and new friends.  We got to act like confident alcoholics (even though we totally AREN’T) and little kids when were were unleashed into an adult arcade.

The sun sets on another fabulous installment of weekend adventures.

Sunset in the O.C.

Sunset in the O.C.