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Today is Tuesday.  Today is also a better day than yesterday.  Even though I am mentally feeling good about today, my body is in so much PAIN!  I went to the gym yesterday and the WOD sounded easy enough, but boy was it excruciating.

So, the warm up consisted of a move called “Skin the Cat”, overhead squats with a PVC pipe, and a ring support hold for 20 seconds — three rounds through.  So basically I was sore after the warm up.  Sadly though, I was not done.  I had to do an overhead squat (OH squat) for 3 rounds/5 reps each at 40%-50%-60% of my 1 rep max.  I did not know my 1 rep max so after so guesstimating, we (my coach and I) figured it was somewhere between 65-70lbs.  To be honest, I don’t think I ever did an overhead squat since I joined, but whatever.  That wasn’t crazy hard.  Next, it was on to the actual WOD.  One-hundred and fifty wall balls with RX weight equaling a 15lb ball for females.  In 18 minutes.  Hell.

I was dying!  I finished with the prescribed weight in 17 minutes flat, but by the end my legs where cramping and my abs were burning.  It was only until early this morning that I really starting feeling the soreness throughout my entire body.  I woke up I think because my wrists were cramping!  What the hell?!  Have your wrists ever cramped before?  It was like my entire forearm and wrist were contracting in to a big ball of “that f*cking hurts”.  At first it was just my right arm and then when I started to massage away the pain my left arm starting cramping.  Oh damn it!  Finally I was able to get back to sleep, very carefully.  And, when I woke up again, to get ready for work, my shoulders were on fire!

Oh well, there’s nothing quite like “sweating for the wedding”.  My dress is so poufy and ruffled that all anyone will be able to see are my toned arms!  Patrick is doing really well too.  I am really proud of him keeping his routine as long as he has been.  I think I mentioned it before in another post, but all Patrick really needs to do is like stop drinking soda or beer during the week and he would literally lose 10lbs, they would just slide right off him!  He wouldn’t need to do a single damn thing other than that.  Well, he has been going to the gym every other day, and although he can’t run fast on the treadmill or lift weights like some stupid meat head (like me…cough, cough), he goes and bikes for 15-20 miles and then does workouts on the weight machines.  He looks AWESOME!  We have also been sticking to our Paleo-esque diet.  If we keep this up — as we have been for the past 3 weeks — until the wedding, we are going to look stellar (if I do say so myself)!

Today is Tuesday, a great day for wrist cramps…

I’m off to take some Advil!