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Today, two scary things happened.  One, personally to me, and the other…well…to a whole bunch of (most likely) terrified university students.

This morning as Patrick and I were getting ready to go off to work and the gym I received an alert text message from my University.  It was along the lines of,

“Tower one evacuated due to suspicious death. Police on scene. [Councilors] on way…”

“Wow, suspicious death…”

A few minutes later, my phone beeped again…

“Suspicious decive found in Tower 1. Evacuation remains in effect, Garage G closed…”

“What the hell is going on?”  I called in to Patrick out in the living room to see if the local news was mentioning any of this.

Another beep.

“Main campus closed for classes & employees.”

Something really bad must have happened.

Turns out that a resident in the Tower 1 dorms took his own life and later when police arrived on the scene due to gunshots, they found explosive devices in the student’s dorm room.

As the day progressed, my phone kept beeping with University updates.  Students are still not allowed back in the Tower 1 dorms.  I always thought that my home, my town, my city, and my school were immune to the violence that has ensued in the past few months.  The unprecedented amount of violence among the grounds of schools just this year is heartbreaking, and tragic, and so very scary.  But, I always thought, ‘That won’t happen here.  That couldn’t happen here’.

But it can.  It has.

It saddens me to think that a person has no other option, or believes they have no other option but to take their own lives or the lives or innocent others.  I know our school has an excellent counseling center (I was a Psychology major – B.Sc.) and many of our professors have done ground breaking work in the field…

But maybe this is not enough?  Don’t tell me it’s violent video-games…I will smack you.  In all seriousness though…we need to find the root of this problem.  Too many bright-eyed and bushy-tailed college students are in danger of this happening to them…are they not?  I mean, this COULD happen anywhere…and at this point it’s no longer a “where” but “when”  and that’s just incredibly sad.

Fortunately but unfortunately, the only casualty was the individual student who took his own life.  He did not use the explosive devices that were stock piled in his dorm room…

On a lighter side…an “almost bad thing” happened to me on the way to the gym this morning.

As I was stoically driving to the gym, heater on, music low, eyes forward when I saw an eight-legged monstrosity crawl across the INSIDE of my windshield.  At eye height, there was no mistaking it.  There was a ginormous spider creepy-crawling it’s way around my vehicle as I drove down the road at speeds of 45-50mph! What was I to do?!  I couldn’t pull over anywhere…it was pitch black and everywhere was closed at this particular hour.  Again, I saw the dastardly demon crawl back to the piece of glass right in front of me.  I rolled up my sweatshirt sleeve around my hand and smacked the windshield so hard I though I may have cracked it!  Alas….no goo was left behind!  How could I have missed it!  It was RIGHT THERE!

Now I’m thinking to myself, ‘Great you just pissed the thing off, it’s coming for you now…’.

I continued to drive, totally freaked out at this point, sleeves rolled onto my hands and any little thing that touched me or didn’t feel quite right…THE SPIDER!!

I pulled up and rolled to a stop at the last stop light before the road to my gym.  I happened to look down to grab my water bottle.  There, basking in the red glow from the light, sitting atop my water bottle koozie was the bastard spider.  I screamed softly, smashed the shit of of my entire center console and ended up ripping the keys right out of my ignition.  Luckily I did get the spider this time.

There is nothing scarier than when a giant spider walks across your windshield while you are DRIVING!!! I though I smashed it but miss....turns out this creeper was slowly getting closer and closer to me as I continued to drive to the gym.  At a light I n

Anyway, stay safe and stay sane on this dreary Monday people.