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Patrick and I decided to go to Winter Park this weekend so that I could play around with my camera more.  Winter Park is a small city which boasts little cafes, wine rooms, art galleries, tapas bars, and boutique/designer shops.  The main streets are cobblestone and there is a gorgeous garden that stretches the length of the main street.  A farmers’ market is held every Saturday where locals can come and buy and sell goods.  Everything is cute and quaint and reminds me of either Falmouth main street or the Mashpee Commons on Cape Cod.  My girlfriends and I go there for girls night out and we sample fare from a few of our favorite wine rooms along the main street.  All in all it’s a pretty nice place to go and relax.

2013 Winter Park Street Art Festival

“Go stand over there so I can pretend to take a picture of you, but really it’s of this ART!”

When I suggested we go for lunch today and walk around the park so I could practice my “photography”, Patrick informed me that an art festival was taking place this weekend.  I thought to myself this would be a great opportunity to take pictures of all the different people and venders and maybe some art!

2013 Winter Park Street Art Festival

Lots of people like art. See 🙂

I haven’t always been into art, as in art in museums, but I would like to give it another go…you know…since I’m older and more worldly than I once was (yea, maybe not worldly, but definitely older).  I figured a nice street art festival would be fun and I could slowly get some exposure to a wide variety of many different styles and genres of art.

It was pretty crowded but super fun.  There is a stage in the middle of the green where bands occasionally play.  When we arrived, some people were setting up for the music that would come later in the day.  Patrick and I strolled though the streets and I spotted my favorite hang-out spot!  They had an outdoor seat open!

2013 Winter Park Street Art Festival

The Eola Wine Company is a restaurant me and girls frequent for brunch because they have this amazing mimosa flight!  You get a sampler of 4 flavored mimosas and then your 5th full glass is the one you thought was the best!  They have really good quiche too.  Unfortunately they weren’t serving brunch today because of the art festival but I still could get my mimosa!

2013 Winter Park Street Art Festival


2013 Winter Park Street Art Festival

2013 Winter Park Street Art Festival

Patrick’s steak wrap with jalapeno chips (they actually were really spicy)

2013 Winter Park Street Art Festival

My cheese platter which featured goat, cow, and sheep cheese with prosciutto and salami. My mouth is still watering!

It was nice and relaxing, sitting outside and people watching while we ate and drank.  Some people are really funny.  There was this one guy who walked by holding a bunny wearing a leash and as I got a better view, I saw that he also was carrying a shoulder bag which held a bunny!  Seriously though, I think he just brought his bunnies to mack on chicks.  You wouldn’t believe the amount of good looking women that went up just to touch the cute, furry whittle wabbit!

As we finished our first round of drinks, a cute kid set up shop with a guitar and started to sing his little heart out.  He wasn’t half bad!  I gave him $2 when we left the restaurant.

2013 Winter Park Street Art Festival

Way to go kid. Sing your little heart out!

We pretty much ended up walking the perimeter of the entire festival back to the beginning, trying to get a view of as many of the tents as we could.  It started to get really hot and there were way too many people crowding the sidewalks but not moving.

2013 Winter Park Street Art Festival

This particular tent won an award and that’s what the “may-pole” looking things are for.

I wasn’t able to take a picture of the artist or his work (the city of Winter Park kindly asked people to refrain from photography), but I kid you not, it was amazing.  There was one painting of a rough sea and and a close-up of one of the wave crests and the detail was just so astonishing, at first I though that is was a photo.  Upon further inspection I still was undecided about painting vs. photo until I heard others around me just as awestruck as me saying things like,

“I can’t believe it either…”

“A painting….”

“Wow, no wonder he won…”

The last thing we decided to do was grab an old fashioned soda pop dispensed from wooden barrels and served in a tin can.  We then headed on home.

2013 Winter Park Street Art Festival

This picture does not capture how large this thing was. I probably drank about a gallon of root beer.

I would say that this Saturday was a major success.  Next time we head on out to Winter Park will be for the farmers market.