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As I have mentioned in previous posts, it has been super hard for me to plan wedding-type things involving Patrick’s family and mine, together.  As a result, I will be having two bridal showers.  One will take place here in Florida in June and the other will be a week before my wedding up on Cape Cod.  There was talk of having a shower at some point in May when I am to fly up for a quick few days (at which time I am attending my wedding trial makeup consultation).  However, my mom requested that I wait until the end of July to have one up there so that way my grandma and a few of my aunts can attend.  I didn’t mind postponing the shower at all.  I like my mema.  She is awesome.  I want her at my shower.

There was a teensy bit of a problem though.  I had been upset before I found out about my mom’s new plans because firstly, I had suggested having one in May because at the time there was no mention of a bridal shower anywhere at any point.  Secondly, even if there was going to be one down here, my family could not make the trip so therefore TWO showers were necessary.  Thirdly, I have step-family as well and trying to accommodate both sides—to throw a shower at a location that all agreed upon—was a difficult feat.

My dad had talked to Leanne (my step-mom, just in case you didn’t remember) and they were going to plan one for me in May.  See, at this point my mom didn’t give me a definitive answer, so I figured that if someone got the ball rolling, then all would fall into place.  Leanne said she’d be delighted to throw me a party.  I mean, who wouldn’t with a garden like that!  My dad also makes a mean bloody-mary but that’s beside the point I’m trying to get to.

So now, with a scheduled bridal shower for June here in Florida I was now expecting a shower in May on Cape Cod.  When I thought all was settled, my mom got back to me and told me definitively (this time), that she wanted to throw a bridal shower which involved everyone (step-family included) in July when my mema and aunts would be over.  So now…I had 3 showers in the works…a bit excessive.  I suspected it was going to be.

This brings me to the present.  Just yesterday I called up Leanne and told her to hold off on any planning and to-do’s because apparently there will be an all-encompassing shower in the works.  At a restaurant.  Serving brunch.  Preferably by the water J  Even though I know they won’t be able to make a bloody-mary as good as my dad, the company will be as excellent as ever and I am just happy that the ENTIRETY of my family can put past differences aside for the sake of coming together for a special time in my life.  I was feeling pretty bad about my mom claiming to be more excited about the whole ordeal than she actually was, but when she told me she wanted to plan my shower, well….I let her have that one.

All is well in the land of wedding planning.  For now.