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This week has been a little hectic.  I haven’t been super busy, but it’s like I can’t catch up on my sleep at all and I’m feeling exhausted.

Besides that, there have been some cool things that occurred this week all around the world (and in our solar system).

1. A new pope was chosen, 76-year-old Jorge Bergoglio, and took the papal name of Pope Francis.  He is the first non-European pope in well over a thousand years!!

2. Samsung Galaxy S4 was released in New York City on March 14.  I had been following this for some time, not that I understand what a quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro is, or what is so great about a 1080p Super AMOLED screen, but that I just like cool stuff.  I kinda really want this phone (in white please!).

3. The 13th annual Open Workout of the CrossFit Games started (not really this week, but last)!  I didn’t sign up but I probably should have.  There are several people from my gym that are attempting to gain fame in the world that is CrossFit.  This week marks the 13.2 workout (13.1 was last week), and I hear it features box jumps. I LOVE box jumps!

4. More bad news for the Carnival Cruise line.  Back in February, the Carnival Triumph experienced multiple generator failures causing the ship to become a floating toilet, basically.  Passengers had to live for several days in the deplorable conditions on-board as the vessel floated about, with no power, in the Gulf of Mexico.  Now, as if things couldn’t get any worse for Carnival, the Dream has suffered similar malfunctions aboard its ship!  Bathrooms were reported as dysfunctional and even though the ship is securely docked in Phillipsburg, St. Maarten, passengers have stated that they are not allowed off!! EVEN TO USE THE BATHROOM!! Just disgusting!  One of my best friends is getting married the summer of 2014 and it is going to be a cruise ship wedding, on a carnival ship, and I hope this company gets their SHIT TOGETHER, literally, before I feel comfortable stepping foot on board for a WEDDING!

5. The comet Pan-STARRS was able to be seen this week (March 12th and 13th) with the naked eye from parts of the northern hemisphere.  Florida was supposed to get a fantastic view of the comet in the early evening on both of the aforementioned days.  Unfortunately, it was really cloudy and rainy on the 12th so I wasn’t able to see ANYTHING.  Wednesday, however, was clear and gorgeous so I was super excited to get a chance to view the comet! I love things like this because I am such a geek!

My attempt at getting a picture of the comet

My attempt at getting a picture of the comet

Sad to say I did not see the comet but the moon looked really cool.  I tried to take a picture of it by fiddling with my camera a bit.  The resulting photos are blurry but HEY, I’M TRYING!


Here are some stars:


6.  The official first day of the 2013-2014 NFL fiscal year was this month.  Not so much this week….but still…FOOTBALL!  There were many trades made this week and sadly, Wes Welker will now be a Bronco (whomp, whomp) instead of a super fabulous fun-time Patriot 😦

7.  On the stupid front: Miley Cyrus broke up with boy-toy Liam Hemsworth.  Who cares?

8. The Mars rover, Curiosity, discovered ideal conditions for LIFE! On Mars!  After drilling into rock in the Yellowknife Bay area earlier this week, it was discovered that the presence of oxygen and carbon likely created such a pure, perfect condition for water that we could have consumed said water! So cool!

9.  Okay this next tidbit of information I don’t pretend to understand but, CERN physicists have confirmed the existence of the Higgs-Boson particle.  I only know what this is, and that it’s a big deal, because of the Big Bang Theory.  Before you start scoffing, the show consults with real physicists on content and scientific validity of all information presented in each of the episodes.  One of these physicists, David Saltzberg, actually used to write an accompanying blog after each episode to further explain concepts that were discussed in the T.V. show.

10.  Now for the best news ever!  It’s Friday!