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In my attempt to master my new camera, I decided to take some close-up artsy pictures of things that I enjoy around my house.  What I realized upon uploading these to my computer is 1) my camera captured CRAZY detail and 2) that “detail” is basically DUST on everything I own.  So even though these photos are embarrassing in a way because you can see the dust all over the place (and I immediately swiffered EVERYTHING!), I guess they also capture who I am and who Patrick is.  Without further ado…I hope you enjoy some of my favorite things in my house:


The suitcase I used in my engagement photo shoot on the railroad tracks.


An ornamental wood thing I have in a huge vase in my entryway.


Wood lettered “Love” block.  I also used this in my engagement photo shoot.  Behind is a picture of some of my siblings (I also have a step-brother and a half-brother).  And yes, both my brother and sister (pictured) are in the United States Air Force and I couldn’t be more proud!


Patrick’s cowboy boots.  He’s sooooo manly!


2012 Warrior Dash and 2012 OUC Half Marathon medals.


2013 Disney Marathon, 2013 Warrior Dash, 2012 Savage Race, and 2012 Run For Your Lives Zombie Run medals.


Boston Dog is such a cutie pie.  He was sleeping but I woke him up with my flash.  I’m sorry baby.  Go back to sleep!


For some reason when we were in the market for whiskey/scotch glasses (highball/rocks bar glasses), we couldn’t find them anywhere and the need was pretty immediate.  We settled on a 25 pack of small mason jars.  We have since purchased actual scotch glasses but Patrick still likes to use these.  Plus, I think they look “old-time-y” up there on my great grandparents’ hutch.


I love owls and the color orange.  What more can I say.  Patrick’s mom sure does know how to choose the perfect gift!!!


I got this adorable jewelry stand for my birthday a few years ago from one of my best friends.  It’s super cute on my dresser (but I have to dust it IMMEDIATELY!).


Right after I took this, Boston Dog went up to Pat and licked his nose.  It was the cutest thing ever and I didn’t catch it!!  I tried to get them to reenact it but Patrick was clearly not cooperating.