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So the other day as I sat on my couch devastated about the turn of events surrounding my career and complaining to Patrick, I opened up an email from an old work colleague.  I will now tell you a quick back-story…

She had been my lab’s grant monitor for about 2 years until just a few months ago.  She had landed a pretty sweet job with another company and obviously accepted.  I had been thinking about her and about sending her my resume but I just wasn’t sure how soon…considering she was fairly new in her new position.  It just so happened, that my adviser (also my lab’s principle investigator) called a lab meeting about a month ago and during that meeting I told him how unhappy I was and that I really missed academia and that industry isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.  Well, (I’m getting to the point, really) he and this old work colleague/grant monitor ran into each other at the supermarket and BLESS HIS SOUL he told her about my situation. (End of back-story…) hehe

So now, knowing this information, she had decided to email me with the most wonderful news ever!  She requested that I send her my resume if I wanted a job that “didn’t suck”.  I love her for that.  After reading those glistening words printed right there in my email, I burst into tears.  I was SO HAPPY!  Granted, nothing is set in stone, and I know I’ll have a lot of work ahead of me, but regardless…it was just the best news to hear.

In any case, I just felt that fate has a weird way of playing it’s hand.  There are many bluffs and close calls.  Sometimes you may just want to fold and give up.  On the rare occurrence that fate deals you the best hand in the deck…and you have a chance of beating the house…take it and run with it!!  How does that saying go…”fate only takes you so far, the rest is up to you,” or “when one door closes, another opens but you have to make the choice to walk through it”.  I don’t necessarily know what the quote is or who said such words but I do know one thing.  They are absolutely right!