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When I was in high school I took several art classes.  I never considered myself an artsy person and I never hung out with the “art people”.  I played soccer so I was part of the jock click.  Anyway, I just really enjoyed painting (even though I was never good at painting), charcoal drawing (which I was really good at), and photography (which I like to think I’m good at).  Patrick’s younger sister, Erin, is such a great photographer.  I have mentioned her in some of my previous posts (and she also took our engagement photos a while back).  Lately, seeing her photography and some of the many awesome blogs I read which feature beautiful photos, I have been wanting to get back into taking pictures.

I know I am nowhere near being able to label myself as a photographer, even an amateur one at best.  I really would like to try my hand at it though.  And, since Patrick and I are going to Las Vegas for our honeymoon I would like to hone my (lack of) skills so that I will be able to take some good pictures then.

I recently purchased a Nikon DSLR camera + kit + additional lens and I know I’m going to love taking pictures with it.  Both Patrick and I like to read tech news blogs and gadget reviews, so when I mentioned that I wanted a DSLR (digital single-lens reflex) camera he hopped right onto CNET.  Even though I took photography classes in high school, that was a long time ago (in a land far, far away).  I needed a camera that was beginner friendly — hence the auto mode, but could also grow with me as I got better — hence the fancy features I don’t know how to adjust yet.

When we got back home after I purchased my camera we went for a walk so that I could mess around with it.  Here are some pictures I took (these of course were taken with auto mode).

Boston Dog

Boston Dog

Boston In The Breeze

Boston In The Breeze

Purple Flower (but probably a weed...)

Purple Flower (but probably a weed…)

I have started a Flickr account to upload and store my pictures so check it out if you get a chance.  Of course right now the only photos in there are labeled “New Camera Test”, so those aren’t very exciting.  I plan to get out more often and visit new places around where I live.  There are also farmers’ markets every weekend so that may prove to be a hot spot for great pictures!  I just can’t wait to get out and go exploring and see more of the area that I call home.  It’s nice to want to view the world with (a lack of) an artistic eye!


P.S. An addendum to this original post:  My cover photo is a picture that I took when I visited Boston back in October 2012 while I was visiting for a conference.  This was in the Boston Public Common.  Funny story, after I took this photo and went back to the hotel to look through all my pictures from the day I recognized that that photo seemed really familiar for some reason.   Well, it was the same exact photo hanging in my hotel room.  The photographer who took the picture hanging on the hotel room wall had obviously stood in the same exact location I did, during the same time of year, at the same time of day.  All our shadows and tree colors were almost identical!!  Maybe I do have an eye for the photo (if only they are good enough for hotel room walls)!