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I honestly don’t see there being anything harder than asking your boss for a raise.  It’s an awkward, frightening, and potentially disheartening situation.  Of course this is totally independent of the fact that said individual does indeed deserve a raise.  Simply the act of asking for one is SO STRESSFUL!

This morning I went to CrossFit, in the pitch dark (have I mentioned I hate this whole spring forward thing!) and while I was doing the WOD warm-up which consisted of power cleans, front squats and box step-ups, I smashed my chin with the barbell.  I felt like I was going to vomit right then and there.  I didn’t draw blood, smash teeth, or clip my lip or tongue.  No.  I just have a huge lumpy bruise underneath my chin.  Not only THAT, but the actual workout was extremely difficult.  Why, if I can do workouts like these, if I can run a freaking MARATHON, if I can run the Tough Mudder, is it so hard to ask what is fairly mine to make?

Quickly, here is a list of 10 things I would rather do:

1.  Elective dental work – I would much rather have the inside of my mouth drilled.
2. Run an ultra marathon (by myself, no teams) and not be allowed to stop – basically I would rather lose all functioning of my body.
3. Ride the vomit comet (yea I heard it’s fun) but with absolutely no experience with g-forces I would probably pass out AND THEN vomit unknowingly.
4. Cage-less shark sightseeing.  Wearing a bloody fish head necklace.
5. Become stranded on a Lost-type island with nothing but a T.V. and reruns of The Jersey Shore.
6. Eat RAW MEAT.
7. Get acupuncture with knitting needles.
8. Take part in an indefinite polar plunge with no hopes of a hot bath afterward (whenever that may be).
9. Manage a daycare for the Duggar Family.
10. Shave my entire body with a rusty saw blade.

Oh god, wish me luck.