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I would like to take a short poll on how many of us will be late to something on Monday.  Of course I am speaking only to those of us who participate in the Daylight Saving Time change which is to occur at 2:00am March 10th.  Yea, I know, our cell phones and computers (and maybe our fancy cable boxes) will all do this automatically tomorrow night but my biological clock is just not ready.  I will undoubtedly get up on time because I use my cell phone as my alarm clock, I will get ready, make breakfast, and head out the door, per the usual routine.  Then, as soon as I turn on my car…BOOM…I freak out!  I think I’m an hour late! GAHHH!  A replay of Friday’s bad start is already taking shape in my head!

Salvador Dali - The Persistence of Memory at New York Museum of Modern Art

ooohhh…melty clocks (thanks mbell1975@flickr – The Persistence of Memory – Salvador Dali)

Let’s cross that bridge when we get there, okay?  Okay.  On another note, the Daylight Saving Time thing is kind of weird to me.  Some parts of the world don’t partake in this strange ritual of changing time just to allow more daylight hours.  In fact, the United States was wishy-washy on the whole idea until an act was passed in 1966 called the Uniform Time Act.  The act insured that standardized time zones were observed.  Before then, daylight savings was a way to optimize and conserve energy consumption during World War I and again in World War II.  After, in peacetime, areas within the U.S. were able to either continue with the observance of daylight savings or not…there was no standard, which I’m sure caused huge problems across states who observed the change and those who didn’t.  Can you image that it once used to be more confusing than time zone differences and changes now!!  Some areas that do not observe Daylight Saving Time are “Arizona (with the exception of some Native American reservations), Hawaii, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and American Samoa“.  Fun fact Saturday!  Wait, that doesn’t actually sound too fun.  So, never mind.

I may need this for my office (not that I'm late to work...just that it's cool).

I may need this for my office (not that I’m late to work…just that it’s cool).

In my opinion it’s all too confusing.  I just know that I wish I were gaining an hour because I have massive amounts of work to do on my thesis.  Every little second counts.  Here I am writing in my blog, but hey, whatever.

Remember people, change your clocks before bedtime.  It’s easier that way.  You won’t freak out and think your late on Monday morning.