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So maybe today wasn’t as bad as I had originally ranted about earlier.  Shame on me.  I should have given it a chance.  This is not to say that my taste buds have recovered but, most certainly it is not the hellish Friday I had deemed it to be this morning.  I was invited out to lunch by some co-workers (this only recently started because I am new at my company) and we went to a place I have not had the pleasure of visiting before.  Jimmy Hulas is a small little place that is made to look like a beach shanty with surf boards tacked to the wall and bucket car-seats for seating in the restaurant.  I image that maybe the car-seats give you a feel for being in a real Volkswagen Surfmobile.

The food was actually exceptionally decent for the price I paid.  Six dollars got me a grilled fish taco, chips, and salsa (I didn’t get a beverage, I brought my water bottle with me).  I was invited to go by a few of the programmers and our IT guy.  It was nice to get away from the office for a little bit.  Today was actually really nice out too.  It has been super cold (for Florida’s standards) but today was a nice spring day with mild temperatures and almost no humidity!  Also, because I have been hard at work ALL WEEK, I can leave work early today…actually right now, to be exact.

I have to work on not jumping to conclusions and always expecting the worst, but I do tell you one thing…ever since I started this blog I have almost grown to look forward to writing in it every morning, and perhaps afternoon (every now and then…).  It’s really more of a cathartic experience, once my thoughts are down and out there floating in cyberspace.  It put me in a good mood this morning, to watch Elaine dance her little heart out!

Happy Friday people (or just dad…hi!…if you’re reading this!)