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This is crazy…I don’t think you have met my dog yet.  Well, now that I know my dad reads my blogs, he has met my dog, but for all you others out there (hi!)…meet Boston Dog!

This little guy has me wrapped around his pinky paw

This little guy has me wrapped around his pinky paw

He is a 5 year old Yorkshire Terrier and he is the love of my life (well…2nd love of my life).  I have had him since he was old enough to be adopted out and he is just the sweetest thing since caramel fudge cheesecake 🙂  In the picture he is in the bathtub about to get an antibacterial shampoo soak.  Why you ask?  Well about a month ago the poor little guy had a severe allergic reaction.  I woke up to find him itching like crazy around his face and when I bent down to take a look at him I near about passed out!  He looked like Arnold Schwarzenegger in Total Recall and yea I just about keeled over I was in such shock.  I immediately called the vet, took off of work to be with him and monitor him all day, the WHOLE 9 YARDS!  Finally after a few steroid injections and a steroid regimen Boston Dog looked like he was getting better.

About a week after this major incident I noticed a “hot spot” on his shoulder, a red patch that looked like there had been some hair loss.  I called the vet back up and told them that Boston Dog still must not have recovered fully from his bad allergic reaction and maybe this was a bite site from something which caused his reaction in the first place.  So it was back to the vet we went.  Finally they looked at it and determined that a skin scrapping was necessary (it’s not as scary as it sounds, Boston Dog didn’t even bleed from it).  They ran some tests and diagnosed my poor little baby with Red Mange.

What the hell is Red Mange?  That sounds scary? Can I get it!?  Is it treatable…oh my god is he gonna die!?

Relax…Red Mange is treatable and there is a very slim chance that it could be life threatening but in Boston Dog’s case….extremely slim.  Red Mange occurs when the mites that live in the dog’s hair follicle (they already live there?…Yuk) grow out of control, causing the follicle to become infected (my words not the vet’s).  This could happen for a number of reasons, but the main reason is a compromised immune system. Young puppies frequently get generalized Red Mange.  Older dogs (like I said, mine is 5) get localized Red Mange but for reasons linked to cancer, thyroid disease, cushing’s disease , etc. When I heard that, I near about passed out again!  My little Boston Dog could have cancer!?

The hot spot - hyper pigmentation/discoloration of the skin and hair loss.

The hot spot – hyper pigmentation/discoloration of the skin and hair loss.

Information on Red Mange...I had homework from the vet.

Information on Red Mange…I had homework from the vet.

Relax…the blood sample taken will be tested for the majority of related immunodeficiency factors, BUT it may have occurred in Boston Dog because of the steroid therapy his was on for his allergies.  Prolonged steroid use weakens the immune system…enter Red Mange in my 5 year old Yorkie.  Also, it is not transferable to humans, whew!

Just so you know….all tests came back negative (this is good) and he is being treated just to control the Red Mange now.  Boston Dog was weened off steroids and now takes an antibiotic pill, an antibiotic shampoo soak, and needs to have an ointment applied directly to the hot spot on his shoulder.

Boston Dog is doing much better and it is just a super long process to treat this.  About 8 weeks of antibiotic treatment.  We are about 2.5 weeks in now.

Napping in luxury...

Napping in luxury…