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Here is a short tidbit of a post because I am actually kinda sorta busy at work today 🙂  I think that food should be colorful.  I am noticing that as I start to eat more healthy I pay closer attention to certain details of what I am putting in my mouth and in my body.  Important aspects of food include: color, smell, texture (to the touch and on the palette), and taste.  If food is vibrant and rich in color, chances are it is better for you.  You can also start to notice that if you smell your produce in the grocery store (weird I know) you can smell how fresh something is or how ripe it may be.

Strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries

Strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries

I love to smell pineapple at the grocery store.  If the smell has a soft fruity sweet smell that means it will be fresh, ripe, and juicy on the inside.  If you can’t smell the sweetness, the fruit hasn’t ripened yet and may need a few days to do so.  The texture of food can also tell you the same thing.  To the touch, avocados shouldn’t be super hard  and they should feel like there is some malleability under the exterior (don’t squeeze too hard though, these can

bruise).  Texture on the palette, or while the food is in your mouth is also SUPER important.  Many people have preferences for certain textures over others.  For instance, some individuals may not like pudding or other foods with a similar consistency to pudding because of the lumpy, slimy texture.  On the flip side, many world class chefs scrutinize their dishes to attain the right texture and balance between textures.  A soup may come with crusty bread or crostinis or a salad may come with croutons, because we are more satisfied with the ‘crunch’ we feel and hear when we chew.  Taste is almost one in the same with texture.  Taste is so interesting though because it coincides with your sense of smell and the two senses work simultaneously to deliver the sensation of the food’s taste/smell and then you, in turn, are able to perceive those things about your food.

If you think about it, eating should be a sensual, slow, meticulous experience if you do it right.  Slow down to appreciate that you have food to enjoy, taking each bite slowly, absorbing the sights and smells and tastes of the food (almost like a fine wine tasting experience).  Eat with your hands…it’s kind of more caveman than actually eating Paleo haha, but you can become more intimate with your food.  You can feel textures and temperatures and when you actually think this hard about the food you end up feeling more full!  The conscious effort put toward eating food makes you more aware of what behaviors you are engaging in and you end up more satisfied and full afterward.
Cooking a healthy meal with freshly chopped vegetables simmering away in a pan, enveloping your whole house into a heavenly scent of caramelized onions, peppers, and mushrooms  vs. mindlessly shoveling chips into your mouth as you watch T.V., what would you rather do?

We all have those days were we do shovel food and sometimes we need that.  What I am saying though is that we need to start becoming more mindful of our eating habits

Chopped white onion, red, and green peppers...to accompany my spinach salad.

Chopped white onion, red, and green peppers…to accompany my spinach salad.

and more conscious about what type of fuel we put into our bodies.

Take the challenge tonight or tomorrow or SOON!  Whatever meal you end up eating next, eat with your hands if you can.  Feel the food, look at it.  When you taste it, take littler bites and savor every flavor.  Chew slowly.  Enjoy the time you have as you relax and just eat.  If you have someone in your life you share meal times with…enjoy their company.  Many families revolve around meal time so enjoy them and enjoy the meditating act of refueling your body rather than just eating because you have the ability too.

I hope I haven’t rambled on too long.  That is my rant 🙂  Enjoy!