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It’s back to the work week grind and all feel-good feelings have completely fluttered out the window.  That “wedding” high I was on this weekend with all that ring shopping and Las Vegas honeymoon booking has left me drained.  Or maybe is was that god awful WOD today at my CrossFit gym.  Not only was is 31 degrees Fahrenheit here in Florida, it was dark, AND we had to run outside in that.  I shouldn’t be complaining too much.  This gym is getting me in the best shape ever!  I don’t want to say the best shape of my life YET because that’s a constant work in progress.  I don’t want the best shape of my life to be limited to just my 27th year.  I would love to say that I am going to be in the best shape of my life maybe somewhere around 100 years old?  Hey, listen…it could happen.  I was blessed to have three of my great-grandparents until two years ago.  They were all up in their mid to late 90s.  I have longevity in my family!

Every Monday I feel like this...

Every Monday I feel like this…

Regardless, I can’t just sit back and let the genes take over.  I want to better myself and CrossFit allows me to do that AND find new and great ways to do it so I’m never bored.  I always thought I had the will power to stick with a work-out regimen but after many failed attempts at going to Planet Fitness or LA Fitness (because they had spin class!) or my University’s gym, and then BACK to Planet Fitness (because they were cheap)…I was really just selling myself short.  Even though CrossFit is SUPER expensive (at least to me…) and I sometimes hate telling people how much I pay for a monthly membership, to me it has made all the difference in the world and I could even say has changed my life.  From my first class to the next I was hooked!  I think even obsessed is an appropriate word in this case.  I never would have been able to stick with the routine I have now if I were going to another gym.  I wake up at 4:45am (same time Patrick does to go to work), I eat my breakfast (which I have attempted to make clean or Paleo-like as of recently AND FAILED MISERABLY I might add), and I head off to the gym a good half hour away, in the dark to get to my class’ start time at 6:30am.  I have been doing this as often as I can since early December.  Now, I say “as often as I can” because sometimes those dang WODs will leave my body completely sore and there are mornings I literally can not move to get out of bed.  The only reason I am getting out of bed on those days is to go to work, make money, and then come home and crash on the couch. Then there are days like today, Mondays, where I just want to curl back up in bed.  As I said, the WOD today was brutal only because it was outside in this frigid weather and for some reason I am just DRAGGING today.

As far as wedding stuff goes, I was just texting Patrick’s other sister, Brett, and she is in the midst of helping me plan a bridal shower and a bachelorette party in the upcoming months.  It has been tough, trying to do things which involve my family as well, considering they all live up in Massachusetts.  My sister (and maid of honor) is trying to book flights down here for both of the events coming up but plane tickets are soooooo expensive right now!  My mom can’t come down for my bridal shower so we are trying to plan a second “mini” shower the week of my wedding since I will be up there a week before.  The mini shower will consist of my grandmother and some aunts and cousins who are driving in from New York the week beforehand so I think that will be nice.  With family across the country is really is the most difficult thing to try and coordinate an entire wedding and all the events leading up to.  I am super lucky though that my family is as awesome as they are though, because they really are trying to cater to what I need and ultimately want.  At the end of the day…I know I have some serious Thank-Yous I need to dish out!!!

This may be all for now.  As I said before, it’s just that kind of Monday and if work stays slow I may just have to punch out…me and my red stapler.