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This is not me and my to-be-groom…but it could have been.

So I booked my hair and makeup artists last month. I got in touch a while back with a friend who does hair professionally and I really wanted to give her the business. Finding a makeup artist was not so easy however. I went through my Facebook trying to find friends of mine who had been married on the Cape who could possibly recommend someone. I was finally given the names of both a hair and makeup artist and judging by the pictures of my friend’s wedding, they did an amazing job! I was immediately disappointed though…the makeup artist was not available on my date. She did however recommend a fellow friend and artist who was totally available! I scrolled through her photo albums on-line and shot her off a quick email and I was pleased to find her response back to me was SO QUICK! She was genuinely really interested in anything I had to say about my wedding. She wanted to know more about my theme, my dress, and my accessories. I set up a trial consultation with her and both my mom and I are getting are makeup done (it was just a bridal consultation but she had extra time and my mom wanted a trial too!) Now we have to go out somewhere afterwards because we will be all dolled up! I booked a flight to go to the Cape in early May to do my trials, unfortunately scheduling didn’t really work out and my hairdresser friend will be down in the Keys on vacation. That’s okay though. She said she would do a trial a week before my wedding and I have seen her work and trust her. I know my hair will come out AMAZING!

Okay so onto the decision part of the post…I had to decide this month between a trolley and a photo booth. There was a lot of thought that went into making this decision. The trolley and the photo booth are what I like to call “peripherals”. They are not integral to the flow and function of my actual wedding. I have some money saved up for certain peripherals but I can’t get EVERYTHING I want. I had originally wanted to take a short trip to the beach after the ceremony for some photos with the classic Cape Cod beach in the background. I also thought that an old time trolley would make for some fun photos too. I then created a timeline on Excel (which would ultimately be sent out to venders, hair/makeup artists, etc.). I needed to see if I would even have enough time and daylight to accomplish all the things I wanted while still being able to enjoy my own wedding. I sadly DID NOT have enough time to spend driving in summer traffic down to the beach (which would undoubtedly be filled with tourists in speedos) for photos. I also wanted to allow my wedding party to have a fun time too. Taking pictures for hours is not my idea of a productive or fun wedding. I really just wanted to be at my dad’s house, in the garden, surrounded by friends and family who could share in the experience of my wedding photography too! So it was settled. I was going to opt out of the trolley rental. My wedding party could find some other way to get from the hotel to my dad’s house (where both the ceremony and reception are being held). Since we were no longer going down to the beach, the trolley was a silly waste of money JUST for a 3 mile trip from the hotel to my dad’s house.

Photo booth it is then!? Well, some more time and effort went into this decision as well. I have been to weddings where there was a photo booth and it was SO MUCH FUN! Everyone is just so silly and you end up getting some great fun shots! I really, really wanted one! There were a few companies that I sent emails of inquiry. I asked if the booth could be operated outdoors under a tent, how much each additional hour was, if we could provide our own scrapbooking materials and props, how long set-up was and if they charged for “down-time” such as dinner time, and if the attendant HAD to be there (if not, maybe the price would get bumped down). The other night I emailed another company to see what packages they offer and I ended up finding out that they offer more hours in their rental period, provide reasonably priced duplicate prints, a scrapbooking option that INCLUDES duplicate prints, among lots of other cool things. My decision has now whittled down to two companies. RedEye Photo Booths (http://www.redeyebooths.com/) or a photo booth service through a DJ (you can opt for just a photo booth though) at www.prophotobooth.com . The person I contacted about the second option has a mobile DJ service at http://www.dj-entertainment.com/services.htm . It just so happens that because I want JUST the photo booth then Red Eye ends up being a lot cheaper. If I didn’t already have a DJ, the mobile DJ service with photo booth would be a GREAT option. I have to email later today to set up a service contract with the people! Eeek! I am so excited! This is going to be a lot of fun!